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  • After the museum entrance door, the visitor desk in the foyer area welcomes those who come to the museum. In this section, there is a visitor waiting area, a video presentation room, antique radios of the period, the entrance to the elevator and mining experience quarry, old train models and an antique goods exhibition. In this section, there are also historical Zonguldak and minig photo collages on the walls.
  • In the museum, many tools and equipment used in mining according to the technology of the period are exhibited.
  • Starting from the 1820s until the modern period, many important archive documents reflecting the news and developments about Zonguldak and the region are exhibited in newspapers and documents with their copies.
  • In the middle of the interior exhibition part of the museum, there is a giant model showing the extraction, processing and transportation of hard coal, starting from the underground gallery, in the miniature. Its construction started in 1983 by apprenticeship students and was completed with the second study in 1984.
  • There are life-size miner figures showing the working environments of the workes in the mine. Explosion processes with the tools of the miners and shelter structures such as the pig roof are exhibited.
  • The statue, which is a real and awrd-winning cake, symbolizes the miner's struggle for life. It can be seen in the foyer area of the museum.
  • The monument, which was later moved to the museum garden, bears the names of the martyred miners. This building, which includes the names of the many martyrs, symbolizes the devotion and sadness experienced in the struggle for coal.
  • In the past, mining trainings were given to miners in the training pit located next to the museum. Miners are gaining competence before going underground. Today, it is redesigned and opened to visits as pit of coal experience with mine elevator simulator.